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If you’re like most people, your mum is the reason you turned out the way you are. She cheered you on when you learned to crawl, walk and talk. She was the first one to hug you the hardest when life knocked you down. And she’s the first one who taught you what’s right and wrong.

One of the happiest days in a mother’s life is when she hears her unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time. The first glimpse of the ultrasound that shows the baby and its movements is a unique moment, filled with joy and loving anticipation.

An even more moving event is the first time mother and baby are united on the outside and feel each other’s heartbeat skin to skin.

But then baby grows up, becomes a man or woman and leaves the nest.

When baby is 30 years old, he at some point makes a stark realisation: The vast majority of days he will ever spend with mum and dad are over. If on average he spends 10 days per year with his parents, and if his parents, who are now around 60, will be lucky and live until 90, it means that at age 30, we have spent 95% of all our days with mum and dad.

This is a frightening realisation.

It’s even scarier when you visualise it:

(credit for the idea: WaitButWhy)

It’s a fact of life. And unless you plan to move back in with your parents (which they probably won’t be too keen on), you won’t change much about it.

But you can share your heartbeat with your mother again.

With GLOBE by momenzz, you allow mum to experience another dimension of connectedness with you.

The GLOBE is a beautiful ornament which contains the world’s first connected Swarovski crystal. From anywhere in the world, you touch the momenzz app on your phone or smartwatch. Split seconds later, the crystal heart in the GLOBE starts pulsating in sync with your heartbeat.

Remind your mum of those first powerful moments in your life when you were all tiny, helpless, and toothless. Share your heartbeat – wherever you are.

You can preorder your GLOBE by momenzz on Indiegogo and get 45% off the future retail price. It will be right on time to be the perfect X-mas gift.

Happy Mother’s Day!