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Over the last 10 days of our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, we’ve received many good questions from you, our backers, and those who haven’t backed us (yet).

Many of you may have similar questions, so we decided to pack it all into a good post on our brand new blog and share it with you.

So here we go:

FAQs about Crowdfunding:

What’s this Indiegogo thing all about?

Not everyone is familiar with the topic of Crowdfunding, so let’s briefly cover it here.

Indiegogo is a Crowdfunding platform. Others you might have heard about are Kickstarter, Crowdcube, Kiva, and Seedrs. While they differ in a few aspects, they all give entrepreneurs and creators access to funding by allowing anyone to support them financially.

Some platforms are straight-up investments, others give a loan. Indiegogo uses the “perk” model whereby people pay in advance for a perk in return. This perk can take different forms. Some perks are quite unique – for example, budding authors include their backers as characters in their books, musicians allow backers to sing backing vocals etc.

With product creators like ourselves, the perk is usually a discount on the retail price of the future products. You pay for the product in advance, and we can use the cash to kickstart production at scale.

Creating something new in the world is hard and takes a lot of work. Indiegogo makes it easier by giving creators the chance to gather financial (and emotional!) support from friends and strangers.

You can support our Indiegogo campaign here.


So will I then be an investor in momenzz? Will I have a “piece of the action”?

No. Indiegogo doesn’t have an investment model. Instead, you provide an advance payment to your product (which is why it’s heavily discounted vs the future retail price.) And we also offer a few premium packages where you provide more support and we give you a unique experience (like visiting the Swarovski Kristallwelten museum in Wattens with us, the founders.)


What if you don’t reach the funding goal?

We have a lot of momentum (at the time of writing, we have already reached a third of our goal), but of course it’s possible that we will not make it to $100k.

In this case, you will receive a full refund of the money you pledged. The money hasn’t reached us yet, it’s being held by Indiegogo. Them refunding you is standard procedure for them.  


What if you do reach the goal but then don’t succeed in delivering my product?

While this is theoretically possible, we are extremely confident it won’t happen in our case. You may have heard of examples of crowdfunding where the founders weren’t able to fulfil on their promise. Many of these were cases where the product was highly complex and included breakthrough technology.

While our product is beautiful and high-tech, it’s not a hovercraft. We have working prototypes, and have all the technology worked out. This fact is certified by Arrow Electronics – a company that Indiegogo relies on to verify that we know what we’re doing. You can see their seal of approval on the campaign page.


I love the idea but I can’t afford the $110. Any other way I can support you?

That’s really kind, thank you. There’s two ways you can support us.

First, you can tell your friends about us! Nothing works as well as word of mouth. Email them, tweet about us, facebook us, snapchat us – maybe some of your friends will end up supporting us.

Second, you can always donate any amount and support us “just like that”. Simply click on the Back It button on the Indiegogo campaign page.

We will send you a very warm virtual hug emoji.


FAQs about GLOBE by momenzz

What is it?

GLOBE by momenzz is a beautifully crafted home accessory with a hidden messaging functionality.

How does it work?

By holding the momenzz app on their phone, your partner can send his or her heartbeat to GLOBE by momenzz, no matter where he or she is in the world. The Swarovski heart inside the globe begins to pulsate. Touching the Globe sends a message back to the phone.

What’s the technology behind the scenes?

The Globe is connected to the receiver’s phone via bluetooth, and the two phones communicate with each other just like any other messaging app. A working data connection (mobile or Wifi) is a requirement, of course.

Can I customise the message that is sent back from the Globe to the phone? If not, what does the message consist of?

The message is nonverbal and consists of a beautifully designed visual effect that appears on the receiver’s phone.

I can’t customise the message? This is quite a one-trick pony product.

Humans love simple tools. That’s why we’ve reduced the functionality to the essential. But here’s to the tech lovers: Our hardware allows to go way beyond the current functions. Just bear with us as we further develop our software.

How do you charge it?

No charging – GLOBE by momenzz runs on two AA batteries, which last for approx. 6 months

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, you will need a smartphone that uses bluetooth.

Can you hear the heartbeat?

The crystal will glow with your heartbeat, and there is no sound.

Is it the real heartbeat?

If you use momenzz via your Apple Watch, you can send your real heartbeat. For smartphones, we use the same method as the iMessenger on the iPhone and send a predefined one. In future releases, you will also be able to send your real heartbeat over the phone. Watch this space.

I can do this with my phone on Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat…

We are all using different communication channels and should not stop to do so! However, we felt they are just not good enough to get emotions across to our loved ones. Our solution to this is GLOBE by momenzz – a connected crystal, which allows for the most personal non-verbal communication. Sometimes we say it best when we say nothing at all.

I can do this with my Apple Watch.

If you use an Apple Watch, you will, for the first time, be able to send your heartbeat to an object other than an Apple Watch. We felt it would be nice to send the heartbeat to a beautifully crafted home accessory and create a more personal communication channel with a loved one.

Why should I buy this?

GLOBE by momenzz has it all: its magical, stunning design, high-end materials, and cutting-edge technology inside. It is the perfect gift for a loved one and will create the most personal communication channel.

How much is it?

Estimated retail price will be around $225. For very early supporters on Indiegogo, we offer a 51% discount and charge $110.

Do I need to buy a pair?

Nope, there’s no need. If you live together, you’ll keep your GLOBE by momenzz at home in its usual place. Of course, you could buy a pair and, when you travel, take one with you. But as much as we like selling more Globes, we think that’s a bit of an overkill, no? Give the other one to your mum or grandmother, instead and make more people happy. 🙂

If you and your loved one live apart, it’s a great idea to buy a pair and have one in each home. In this case, the communication goes from GLOBE to GLOBE, the app runs seamlessly in the background on both phones.

What is it made of?

GLOBE by momenzz is created from an exciting combination of materials and cutting edge technology. A smoked glass shell clasps a handcrafted concrete base, enclosing the crystal from Swarovski. Contoured by a rosé gold plated metal inlay, circling the sphere like a ring.

How big is it?

7.5cm diameter (2.95 inches)

Does it bounce?

Only if you drop it on a large and well-maintained trampoline. But you’ve just given us a great idea…

What if I miss a heartbeat shown on the crystal?

You will never miss a heartbeat since the momenzz app will take care of it. Once you get close to the crystal it will glow in a slow mode so that you know that a message is waiting for you. By touching GLOBE by momenzz you will see, what was waiting for you.

With my other bluetooth devices, most often I have to do the pairing manually, which is a bit of a pain. Will the Globe always pair automatically?

Yep, we know about that issue. Which is why we’re using special technology to keep this from happening. Your phone will always pair automatically.

Who can I give a Globe to?

Most of our backers plan to give a GLOBE by momenzz to their romantic partner. But many others want to use it to stay connected to their aging parents or to their children when they are often far away from home.

What if I give a Globe to different people?

No problem at all. The momenzz app allows you to choose which of your Globes you communicate with.

Won’t it just roll off the table? What if I accidentally hit it or if the cat explores it too passionately?

The base has a beautiful heaviness to it which gives GLOBE by momenzz a low center of gravity and it stays in place. You’d really have to push it very deliberately for it to roll off the table. If you give it a good push, it rolls once or twice, and then it skews to one side because of the irregular weight distribution.

And if your Mr Tiddles is dexterous enough to push it deliberately off the table, then this would be such an astonishing display of criminal energy – you probably have bigger problems at that point. Because your cat is probably trying to sabotage your relationship. Or it’s plotting to kill you in your sleep.

If it does fall, however, the Globe might survive a drop from coffee table height onto carpet. Stone and tiles could be trickier.

Thank you for reading this far! Since you’re such a power reader, how about you check out the story of how momenzz came to be. It’s a tale of love and passion and narrow economy class seats on a plane.