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About Us

Daniel Bösch has been a passionate innovator from an early age. As a young magician, he started to question the existing, and as a PhD student he examined the success drivers of desirable innovations. Keen to translate this expertise into the real world, he started his corporate career in the innovation hub at Swarovski in Wattens, Tyrol. He made his way up to lead strategic projects and launched some of the most exciting products in the interior industry as well as in the IoT world. Daniel brings 15 years of experience in innovation management to the team and perfectly understands the success drivers for high-end products.

Patrick Sutterlüty has worked in sales and marketing functions at Swarovski for the last 15 years, which is where he and Daniel met. Patrick’s passion for people and creative solutions enabled him to lead teams spread across the globe. In his career, Patrick worked with many well-known lifestyle brands on a product and marketing level, and launched beautifully designed products to the consumer market. Putting the customer in the center of all company activities is Patrick’s main mission at momenzz.